Sean Griffin

Co-lead of the team, full time Rust contributor. Creator of Diesel. Former Rails committer. they/them

Moving on from Rails and what’s next

It’s been more than 6 years since my first commit to Ruby on Rails. I had just gotten my first full time Ruby position, was excited to move away from PHP, and wanted to give back. Since then I made 1452 commits to the project. Today, I am finally ready to move on from Rails.

In 2014 I started working on the Active Record Attributes API. We got to a working implementation fairly quickly, but it took many more months and thousands of lines of code to get to an implementation that I was comfortable shipping. By the time Rails 4.2 came out, I had ended up rewriting a significant portion of the library, which meant I was spending more and more of my time maintaining that code and fixing other issues.

Around the time that 4.2 was entering beta, I decided it was time to try and take this commitment full time. I spent the next 4 years devoting as much of my professional time as possible to the...

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